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What we do: supply

We supply high CBD; low THC milled biomass. In partnership with our exclusive supplier we are dedicated to post farm logistics and management of biomass and flower. Through our supplier and a consortium of growers we manage the milling, packaging, quality control and transportation.

Why gtimes? dependability

Through our exclusive partnership, we deliver USDA and DEA compliant high CBD, industrial Hemp biomass where permitted throughout the lower 48 states and Alaska (Hawaii coming soon). Our pricing covers the order from farm to a buyer’s facility; all trucking costs included.

The product: quality

All commercial Biomass meets the requirements of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018; containing less than 0.3% THC. Certificate of Analysis (COA) from DEA certified laboratories provided with all samples and deliveries. Our exclusive partner delivers consistent quality with every harvest.

Farm to Facility

We have the logistics covered.

logistics: secure & timely

With over twenty five years of logistic and shipping expertise, the Greener Times Group provides one of the most seasoned delivery services in the Hemp supply space. Our logistics team monitors any changes to state and local regulation related to Hemp transportation to adjust routing and maintain steady delivery.

delivery: dependable

We understands the impact delivery schedules can have on facility production. Our drivers have been hand selected based on a track record of punctual delivery history. Greener Times Group is committed to maintaining operations for our clients so they can continue to develop and group the commercial CBD industry.

trucking risk: zero

When buying milled Hemp biomass from the Greener Times Group a buyer is exposed to zero risk of delay or seizure during transit. Greener Times Group maintains ownership and thus all related risk until a delivery is offloaded at the buyer’s facility.

our process


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